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And this is life eternal, that they might know thee the only true God. --John 17:3

The Divine Science School provides expert instruction for students interested in inner growth to enrich their spiritual lives, gain an understanding of universal laws and create a much more fulfilling life experience.

Basic Cource of Study
The six basic classes in the teachings of Divine Science are described on the "Teaching" page. The first four classes listed may be taken from the Divine Science School by correspondence. A certificate is given upon successful completion of each course of study and, after the six Basic Courses have been finished, a Divine Science Graduate Certificate is awarded the student.

Advanced Training
(After completion of the six basic courses and with teacher recommendation) For the individual interested in service as well as knowledge, upper level courses are offered in Teacher training, Practitioner work (Spiritual Counseling) and the Divine Science Ministry.

Clearly conveying one or more of the basic classes in Divine Science through mastery of the material and demonstrated skill is the focus of this class. Requires personal conviction of the Truth and recommendation of Minister or Church Board.

Lessons presented include but are not limited to the activity of consciousness that results in healing, prayer, realization and release.

These are available to the dedicated individual who is demonstrating the Truth in his/her own life and who desires to serve God and his/her neighbor through the ministry. An intense week of study in Washington, DC, is followed by a practicum at home of up to two years.

$150.00 Per Class, Home Study
$ 10.00 Text Book, including postage
$100.00 Matriculation fee for advanced study.
For fees for advanced study and on-site classes, please contact the Divine Science School.

Extension Campuses
Divine Science Church of the Healing Christ, 2025 35th Street, NW, Washington, DC 20007-2216
Valley Community Church, Divine Science, 5000 Carriage Dr., SW, Roanoke, VA 24018
Pueblo Divine Science Church, 115 East Routt, Pueblo, CO 81004

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